A Journey to Ancient India – Upto

A Journey to Ancient India

Upto Who: Vedic A2 Ghee
Upto What: Website, Social Media

When Vedic A2 Ghee came to us with a requirement of making the brand more aware, we were excited simply because it was our favourite food ingredient – The Ghee!

With the same excitement, we kickstarted the social media marketing for the brand and step by step helped in creating a community on digital platforms and reaching out to cooking enthusiasts and foodies alike. The brand is now selling Vedic A2 Ghee all across the globe with major market in India, USA and Middle-East.

Our approach was to take the audience through a ‘desi’ journey and showcase our farm and the natural vedic process the brand undertakes to churn out the best quality ghee. We’ve tasted it, and we surely vouch for it.



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