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The Business Card of Tomorrow

Upto Who: vDeets
Upto What: Website, App Design, UI/UX, Social Media

Let’s face it – gone are the days when your name, number, address was all your business card needed to accommodate. Now there’s link to profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. that more fully describe you. The conundrum? Nothing beats the feel of exchanging a physical card. Or at least that’s what we thought until we finally got upto meeting vDeets.

If you believe the devil is in the details, vDeets is a brand that’s helps you V (virtualize) your Deets (Details). In other words, it’s probably the world’s first customizable, digital business card mobile application. The vDeets mobile app integrates with your business card through the use of a QR code, which you can cover up with a picture of your choosing. And just like that your Q.R. picture is ready to be printed, integrated on and scanned from your business card. The app itself allows you to access all your online and offline links and information – that you could never fit on a card.

Application Screens

vDeets is launching the world’s first phygital business card, by integrating a digital mobile application that integrates with your business card, to digitally store and organize contacts and relationships in a more memorable, futuristic manner.

Design thought: We wanted to make the design vDeets very seamless UI integration. We gave it colour , design and branding. We currently do their social media marketing as well. And we’re having a ball

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