The Artist in the Interior Designer – Upto

The Artist in the Interior Designer

Upto Who: Jasmine Jhaveri
Upto What: Branding & Website Design

Jasmine Jhaveri is a lifestyle and interior stylist, based in Mumbai, with an incredible passion for design and an infectious can-do-attitude. And so we were all Can-Do! When she asked us if we were up to rebranding and doing a website which showcased her repertoire for branding the many interiors or lifestyles she’d graced. So when we looked at her first rough logo, which she’d come to us with, we kinda thought it was a logo for a construction company, however, when we went through Jasmine’s work, all we could see was the works of a true artist. And that’s what we felt her logo should reflect: her artistic nature, the homes she elevates with her ideas and skills, and her initials to mark her original style.


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